1. Will the treatment hurt?

    Chiropractic care is very safe. Occasionally, when there are sore or inflamed muscles and ligaments, there is some minor discomfort. This typically does not last long. Most of the time adjustments are painless and therapeutic.

  2. How much time do I need to schedule for visits?

    You will likely be in the office for about one-and-a-half hours on your first visit, but subsequent visits shouldn’t take more than an hour, depending on the type and level of care needed.

  3. Will my visits be covered by insurance?

    While most insurances cover chiropractic, we encourage you to call you insurance company before scheduling to see what your coverage is.

  4. What is the training for a chiropractic physician?

    After undergraduate training, a five-year chiropractic program must be completed before a doctorate in chiropractic is awarded. Throughout the education program, emphasis is placed on specific chiropractic adjusting. Course work, which is very similar to that of medical school, includes gross anatomy, physiology, pathology and biochemistry. The last two years focus on training in physical and imaging diagnosis, physical therapy, nutrition and exercise rehabilitation. Finally, an internship program is completed before graduation. Prior to licensing in Tennessee, your chiropractor must complete rigorous National Board exams.

  5. Do chiropractors prescribe drugs or surgery?

    Chiropractic physicians do not dispense drugs or perform surgery. We rely on natural methods to help the body heal itself and promote total body wellness. However, there is a point where chiropractic treatment is insufficient and medication and surgery are needed.

  6. What conditions do chiropractors treat?

    Chiropractors treat a variety of adult neuromusculoskeletal conditions. We treat newborns and children as well. Many of our patients have had back surgery or have suffered sports-related injuries. Visit our Common Conditions page  to find out more.

  7. How does chiropractic work?

    Improper motion or positioning of the bones in the spine can irritate the surrounding joints, muscles and ligaments. This can cause joint fixation, swelling and spasming of these structures. Chiropractors restore proper biomechanics, allowing the body to heal itself.

  8. What is an adjustment?

    An adjustment is a specific, safe and controlled thrust that restores motion to a fixated joint. The doctors are trained in a variety of techniques, including traditional osseous adjusting and low-force adjusting that are safe for all age groups, from children to the elderly. Many people feel calm and relaxed after an adjustment.

  9. Are chiropractic adjustments safe?

    Yes, adjustments are remarkably safe. The doctors are trained in a large variety of techniques to suit the needs of all kinds of patients, ranging from children to the geriatric.

  10. How long until I feel better?

    Most people feel some relief after their first visit and substantial relief after six to eight visits. Chronic or severe cases may take longer to respond to treatment.

  11. Will I have to pay more than one copay if I see different providers?

    Some insurances do require a second copay.  Please contact our benefits office at 865-862-5922 or visit our Contact  page.

  12. What if I do not have insurance?

    We gladly accept patients without insurance and will set up payment plans if necessary.

  13. Can I get an X-ray without Chiropractic treatment?

    Yes, under the direction of our Family Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant, for those with foot problems, our Podiatrist.