Joint Pain and Recovery (Before and After Surgery)

by in Employee News, Physical Therapy and Rehab May 7, 2015

Have you ever had that nagging pain from an old sports injury or maybe just from daily wear and tear that just seems to constantly bother you? Well, I have.

My knee pain began in December 2014 when I was playing soccer and tore a major ligament in my knee. Within 24 hours of my injury, I got my knee evaluated at Apple and begin physical therapy.

This was the best and most beneficial decision I could have made in my entire knee injury and rehabilitation process.

By treating my injury early with physical therapy, I was able to return to physical activity within two weeks of my injury. Danna created a multi-faceted rehab plan for me. 1. I was instructed to build up my knee and leg muscles with strength training. 2. I received cold laser treatments to reduce scar tissue and inflammation. 3. Danna performed massage therapy and IASTYM to my leg to flush toxins from my muscles and encourage healing.

Because of my “prehabilitation”, my recovery after surgery has been exponentially better than most people could ask for!

Within the first week after surgery: I was back in the clinic with crutches but walking and quickly started back with physical therapy.

Within the first 2 weeks: I was able to return to work.

Within the first month: I was already off those pesky crutches and back to walking around the clinic. I was even able to do some light biking exercises.

The healing process is different in every person, however, without therapy and proper rehabilitation, injuries and surgical sites are proven to heal much slower and outcomes to be worse than those that choose to stick with a rehabilitation protocol.

The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (JBJS) found that therapy before surgery can reduce patient costs after surgery by 30% due to improving patient outcomes.

Therefore, the work you put in before surgery and quickly after discovering an ailment will provide faster recovery times with less cost in the long run! Don’t cheat yourself out of money and the ability to function in the future! Let us help you TODAY!

-Written by Jessica Cantwell, FNP-BC

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