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Lane Hall – February 2023 Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Lane Hall, our February Employee of the Month! Lane works in our billing department and her efforts are appreciated by people from all departments.

Here are some things her coworkers say about her:

  • “She is always willing to help.”
  • “Lane is always willing to help with any questions or requests. Even if it’s not something she typically does, she will find out a way to get it done and she gets things done FAST.”
  • “She is always first to help and make sure we have all the help we need and she is fast to jump in when help is needed.”
  • “She is always there with answers, works diligently, and is a kind soul.”
  • “Lane is always quick to respond, troubleshoots issues, and follows through with tasks assigned. She is easy to work with and I really enjoy having her in the office frequently. Thanks for being awesome Lane!”
  • “Hands down one of the best billing people we have! She always gives her all and gives 110% everyday she is here! You never have to question if Lane can do it, it is always going to be yes.”
  • “Always willing to help out a team mate and super friendly and patient with everyone!!!”
  • “Hard worker, always professional, and such a team player. She stays on top of her stuff and really does such a great job at getting things done/communicating. I think she brings so much value to the billing office.”
  • “Organized, efficient, friendly and always willing to help!”
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