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Dizziness and Physical Therapy

Dizziness is a common problem experienced, especially among older adults. It is the most common reason for doctors’ visits and hospitalizations in people over the ...
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Five Tips for Exercising Safely

Be aware of your body – We often push our bodies too hard and end up paying the consequences. When exercising, look for symptoms that ...
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Chiropractic Treatment of Neurological Disorders

In our office we treat so much more than neck and back pain. We are here to give you TOTAL body wellness, which means treating ...
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Treating Pregnancy Pains

At 32 weeks pregnant, I get asked a lot of questions about my pregnancy. Everyone who comes into our office wants to know how far ...
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Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has many physical and mental benefits. What most clients experience is the feeling of relaxation, and isn’t that what most people think it ...
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TX360–A New Approach for Chronic Migraines and More

If you suffer with chronic migraines, you know the relief that comes when medication kicks in. But that relief is often paired with unwelcome side ...
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