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We’re located at the interchange of two of the longest interstate highways in America, so it’s no surprise that people are frequently looking for car accident chiropractors in Knoxville!

Knox County ranks third in Tennessee for car accidents, with nearly 12,000 crashes reported in the past decade. Traffic congestion and accident totals have continued to rise over the past several decades. Accidents not only cause physical damage but nervous damage also. With the help of the qualified wellness experts who practice functional medicine in Clarksville TN (or anywhere in Tennessee) could help in rebuilding the nervous system.

That said, according to the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America, the average driver experiences an accident every 17.9 years That’s roughly one every other decade or around four in a lifetime. This could also be why drivers usually tend to keep the contact of a Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer, or that of a lawyer from their state so that in the unfortunate event that they meet with an accident, they can have the service of an experienced attorney at their side. While most of us will be fortunate enough to never sustain life-threatening injuries from a crash, many people will still end up in pain.

Knox County Ranks #3 for Crashes in TN. Our car accident chiropractors in Knoxville can help!
Knox County Ranks #3 in Tennessee for Car Accidents

“Slow” Crashes Don’t Have “Small” Impacts

Crashes at slower speeds (<20mph) tend to be dismissed as "fender benders." In other words, "property damage only." And these property damages often get covered by comprehensive coverage. But what about the unseen injuries suffered by the people involved in the accident?

Just because someone may not have a life-threatening injury requiring ambulance transportation does not mean that they’re good to go. It is possible that their vehicle can be involved in an accident, for which they are still paying the insurance. As a result, broken windows, dents, and headlights could be the most prominent ones suffering immediate damage. It is also possible that the vehicle might suffer internal damages occasionally. Certainly, they can bring in a technician to repair the dents or search for one using keywords such as “dent removal near me” and get it fixed as soon as possible. But, if the impact is strong enough to deform the metal, just think of what it can do to your muscle and soft tissue!

At just 20mph (wearing a seatbelt), a crash can make a 200lb person feel like they’ve been hit with a mass of 4000lbs! That’s like getting run over by a large adult rhino! Ditched the seatbelt because you’re “only” going 20mph? Make that 4-5 rhinoweights of force! Ouch!

Even accidents as slow as 5mph can cause neck injuries, even if no body damage occurs to the car!

Rhinos are notoriously bad drivers, and like to use their horns excessively!

More than Chiropractic — Comprehensive Care

The benefits of chiropractic care after a car accident are well-documented, but we also offer far more than a typical chiropractic practice!

In addition to chiropractic, our model of comprehensive care includes physical therapy, podiatry and regenerative and functional medicine. We work together as a multi-specialty team of providers to make sure you heal strong, flexible and healthy!

We Get to the Root of the Problem

Rather than just treat symptoms, we use the latest diagnostic tools and decades of experience to find and fix the cause of your pain. Our treatments can give you quick relief from your pain, but we also believe proper structural healing is critical to keep more problems from developing down the road.

Even if another medical practitioner has told you that you’ve reached maximum improvement, we’ll be happy to take a fresh look. Often, we are able to find additional options to continue the healing process.

We get to the root of the problem with our team of car accident chiropractors in Knoxville.
Dysfunction in the body is often not immediately apparent

What Patients Say

“I had nerve damage in my lower back and hip from a car accident. My doctor told me it would be a lifelong situation… Apple Healthcare has made a major difference in my quality of life!”

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Come See Our Car Accident Chiropractors in Knoxville

Don’t wait until chronic pain from a car accident sets in to seek treatment. The earlier you address the skeletal and soft tissue trauma from an auto accident, the sooner you can get back to living a healthy, active, pain-free life!

We’ve helped thousands of Knoxville-area car accident victims over the last three decades, and we’d love to help you!