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Employee Spotlight: Hope Ealey

by in Wellness December 5, 2014

Describe what you do in one paragraph: I am a member of our therapy team and I perform doctor-prescribed therapies and education for our patients. I also work twenty hours a week as the Communications Director for the office and work to keep our patients and staff informed about what is going on in the […]

Employee Spotlight: Shauna Hunt

by in Wellness October 30, 2014

Describe what you do in one paragraph: I work in the business department helping patients not only understand their medical benefits but how to obtain the best care utilizing these benefits. Our patients are my top priority but I also help with billing insurance claims, posting payments, sending appeals, and giving my all to the […]

Jenn Lusk, LMT, CTA, PTT

by in Wellness October 17, 2014

Describe what you do in one paragraph: Here at Apple Health and Wellness I am a licensed massage therapist, a chiropractic therapy assistant, and physical therapy tech. With so many aspects in my career its always changing and certainly never the same. I enjoy my one on one time with patients and love seeing them […]