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Treating Back Pain

by in Chiropractic Care October 1, 2015

Every day in our office we hear stories about someone who went through the medical system and were prescribed pain relievers to help with their joint pain, especially when it comes to back pain. A popular option to help manage back pain is cannabis from expert dispensaries (go to https://modispensaries.com/missouri-telehealth-online/ for an example) which is […]

How Do I Know If I have Food Sensitivities?

by in Personal Assessment Forms April 24, 2013

Have you experienced any of the following symptoms in the last 60 days: Symptom Scoring System: ●○○○= No Symptoms (Zero Points) ○●○○= Experience Mild Symptoms (One Point) ○○●○= Experience Moderate Symptoms (Two Points) ○○○●= Severe Symptoms (Three Points) If your score is over 40 we believe you should contact our office today for an assessment. […]