There May Be an Alternative to Knee Surgery

by in Regenerative Medicine February 26, 2019

Your knee pain is getting worse. Osteoarthritis is affecting your walking, your standing, and your ability to do the things you want and need to do. You’ve tried rest, medication, injections, and physical therapy, and none of it has really helped.

Now you’re being told that your condition has progressed to the point where you need surgery, which will mean months of pain and rehabilitation. You’ve started looking for the best organic kratom capsules in the hope that it will help relieve your knee pain as you don’t want to have surgery.

Hundreds of thousands of knee surgeries are done annually in the United States, and that number increases every year.

There are two common types of knee surgery:

  • Open knee surgery. This involves cutting into the skin and tissue surrounding the knee and removing bone fragments, ligaments, cartilage, scar tissue and perhaps even the knee itself. Artificial hardware may be used to replace any parts that have been removed. General anesthesia is required and recovery may take many months.
  • Arthroscopic knee surgery. Less invasive than open knee surgery, this involves inserting a camera into the body and using specialized tools to remove cartilage, scar tissue, and/or bone spurs from the knee. This is usually performed on an outpatient basis and recovery time is six to eight weeks.

What would you say if you were told that surgery can be delayed for years or even prevented entirely?  

Our SurgeryAlternative

Apple Healthcare offers a unique approach that uses a combination of state-of-the-art rehabilitative equipment, knee bracing, and highly trained physical therapists specializing in total knee rehabilitation. The combined approach of all these, along with natural joint viscosupplementation therapy, have proven successful and have helped many avoid knee surgery.

Your knee is surrounded by a synovial fluid, made up of hyaluronic acid, which lubricates, cushions and nourishes the knee. As a person ages, this fluid can thin, changing from very thick to very watery, and eventually even go away completely. Cartilage becomes thinner, and bones begin to rub together.

In viscosupplementation, we replenish the lubrication you’ve lost. We use an injectable that consists of a mixture of sodium hyaluranate that is found naturally and extracted from rooster combs. We ensure the injection is going exactly where it needs to go by using a fluoroscope to look inside your joints, in real time, while administering the injection. This provides the best possible outcome from each injection.

We follow the injection with physical therapy, which increases your success rate by 25 percent. If needed, we use specialized bracing that reduces the pressure on your joint and helps it heal properly.

The first step to finding out if the approach can work for you is to schedule a no obligation consultation with us to see if you are a candidate.

Call (865) 769-9685 and schedule an evaluation today!

You could save up to 20% off the cost of your PRP therapy treatment if you book an evaluation before February 28, 2019 (ask for details when you call).

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