Treating Back Pain

by in Chiropractic Care October 1, 2015

Every day in our office we hear stories about someone who went through the medical system and were prescribed pain relievers to help with their joint pain, especially when it comes to back pain. A popular option to help manage back pain is cannabis from expert dispensaries (go to https://modispensaries.com/missouri-telehealth-online/ for an example) which is a fantastic option for those who need to manage the immediate pain but that isn’t going to solve the issues long term. The research has always shown that pain relievers are not an effective way to treat back pain because the medication masks the symptoms instead of dealing with the source of the pain. We provide our patients with an alternative. We can help stop back and joint pain in a natural, lasting way that has been proven to be more effective than painkillers alone. However, during the process many may want to look at this indica flower to help with easing the pain in the meantime.

In the past, insurance companies would cover the costs of medications but would not cover alternative treatment methods; however, all of that is changing. “The only thing that might have been covered in the past was narcotics,” Denise Taray, coordinator of the Oregon Pain Management Commission, says. “But treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, physical therapy and rehab would never have been covered.” More and more insurance providers are starting to see the light and it is changing the face of modern healthcare.

It is so important to check your benefits when you are signing up for health insurance to make sure that your provider covers the services that you and your family need. If you find insurance quotes online, you are more likely to find the best and most affordable cover. A good place to start would be https://www.insurancequotes.com/health. Ensuring that the best services are covered as part of your insurance is the most important thing, although it is clear that low costs are also important to people. “There should be an array of things for people to choose from,” Dr. David Eisen says, “whether it be chiropractic care, or naturopathic care, or acupuncture, nutrition, massage. Try those things – and if they don’t work, you use opioids as a last resort.” We have patients come into our office whose teeth were completely rotten because of years of prescription painkillers and they were STILL in pain. If you are sick and tired of your painkiller dependency, give our office a call. We can help you find solutions for your joint and back pain that will help you become independent and free from medications.

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-Written by Hope Ealey