Your Care is Complicated

by in Chiropractic Care, Medical Care, Physical Therapy and Rehab, Podiatry, Wellness October 10, 2014

Our office is fighting an uphill battle. Over the past few decades, our healthcare system has done everything they can to simplify treatment. Minute Clinics, pain pills, surgeries, liposuction, and many other treatment options have changed the face of care.

At Apple Health & Wellness, we stand by the idea that your care is not a one-dimensional problem because you are not a one-dimensional person. Real, quality, long lasting care requires a team of caretakers and remedies and it requires commitment from you.

In our office we see hundreds of people who all suffer from sciatica (for example). In a traditional office, it becomes very easy to lump all of those people into the same category and treat with the same methods. However, each of those people went through different life experiences to end up where they are. They are different types of people who respond to different types of care. Our office excels at using the most evidence-based treatment options and building a care plan around our individual patients’ needs.

Our blended team of professionals were hand-picked because of their diversity, their strengths, and their skills so that we can provide the best-rounded care available.

Many patients have experienced a point when it doesn’t feel like healing is happening. This is because we live in an instantaneous society where everything we need is available with the click of a button. What our patients don’t realize is that real change can take time. We don’t want to help you and then see you reinjure yourself in six months. We want you to find freedom from pain, freedom from dysfunction, freedom from the barriers that are holding you back. We want you to find total body wellness.

We are currently looking for patients who:
• Have tried everything else and still aren’t finding relief.
• Were told by other doctors that they will simply have to “deal with” their pain.
• Want to optimize their bodies and be the best that they can be.
• Have overlapping conditions and physical issues.
• Have been through surgery and are still experiencing symptoms of a lingering problem.
• Want loving, guided care and a partner in health as they age.

Call us today at 865-691-3155 to experience a different type of healthcare.

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